Slip Slidin’ Away



This (slip sliding away) is the effect of the  law… believe it or not.


We are all slowly, and in some cases not so slowly, slip slidin’ away.

There will be, in the end, nothing at all left to grab onto, and we will slip into the grave.

Death, the law, will have it’s way with us. And on the way, also, it will have it’s way with us. We are broken and corrupted and compromised and that affects those around us, who are also broken, corrupted, and compromised.

It’s very sad really.  Very sad.

Last night I saw a young family in the market where I work. A man and his wife and two young children. Full of love, and life, and happiness. What a pleasure to see them enjoying each other. Seeing them also reminded me of some of the things I did to rob my own family of such happiness. I was also reminded that a new day is promised where our relationships will all be like that (better actually…whole, intact and complete.

As I slowly slip slide away, I thank the Lord for using (for His purposes) the suffering that I have wrought, and that the world has wrought, and I thank Him for the future to come where there will be no more suffering, and no more tears. Only peace and love and joy.




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