Why Bother?

It’s Ash Wednesday. Millions of Christians will be going to worship Ash Wednesday by my new clever nameservices and mass this day (or evening) to mark the begining of Lent.

Is observing Ash Wednesday a requirement for Christians? Is it a harmful and archaic ritual  that Christians should dispense with? Or is there some good purpose for the lives of Christians in attending Ash Wednesday services? 




5 Responses

  1. I don’t thin it is required or should be. But I do like it. I think it is good. perhaps it is a bit law centered. The imposition of ashes with a cross reminding us of our impending death is a bit humiliating. You are dust! But it is a good reminder that this world is passing away and our sins with it. That all we get so hot and bothered about these days might not mean so much in the end. perhaps our focus needs to be on the things to come.

  2. St Stephen,

    While it is certainly not a requirement to attend an Ash Wednesday worship service what a treat! To once again gather with our brothers and sisters and have Jesus there forgiving us our sins once again. To once again have Jesus giving us his true body and blood for the forgiveness of sins and strengthen our faith and life.

    And what do we give up? Evening news? A game show? Or whatever profound waste of time the networks and cable serve up?

    Man, I need Jesus! And so do you! (Girls need him too.)

    God’s peace. †

  3. Thanks, gentlemen.

    Many good reminders on Ash Wednesday!

    We do not HAVE TO…but we WANT TO.

  4. Due to illness, I was unable to attend chapel yesterday for communion and the impositions of ashes. One of the other students posted this on Facebook however and it really spoke to me:

    Jean Clark Caudill as I was sitting in the choir in chapel today watching everyone come forward to receive the imposition of ashes, I was struck by the thought of how much I have come to love my classmates, professors, and other campus personnel. LTSG is an awesome place to be. Thank you Lord.

    Of course, I was feeling pretty aware of my dustiness each time I coughed.

    Take care Steve.

    Annabelle Peake
    Amen! I was thinking about that today too 🙂 God is good!

    Jean Clark Caudill
    It must be like that for every week for those who are distributing communion.

    Annabelle Peake
    I hope so. I feel like it’s so special when I help distribute – being able to say those words to people and to hear them said to me. That’s powerful stuff!

    It’s a good thing too because after IS 1, I was thinking those were some frightening questions!

    Jean Clark Caudill
    That was the hard part about being the Director of Music for the past 5 years, I missed being able to assist and be the chalice bearer. It is indeed an amazing privilege to serve in word and sacrament, AND an awesome responsibility.

    Annabelle Peake
    Yes, one that is incredibly formidable sometimes. Glad it’s not all about us 🙂

    Jean Clark Caudill

  5. I had four people ask me what the ashen cross on my forehead meant. It was a wonderful way to share the Gospel with them.

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