Why place the emphasis on the sinner?

Why do so many insist on placing the emphasis in the church on fixing a problem that has already been fixed?vibrating+belt+machine-2 by silverkittycat

We need a Savior (and we’ve got one), not a self-help guru, or cruel task master that is trying to whip us into shape.

All over the place in the Christian blogesphere, I run into folks who are obsessesd with a perfect church.

Forget it. It ain’t gonna happen.

Don’t they know who it is that makes up the Church?

Don’t they know that the wheat and the tares grow together? Don’t they know that the wheat are still sinners, too?

The emphasis ought be on our need of a Savior (using the Law and our brokeness and the brokeness of the world), and then the Savior Himself should be emphasized. What He has done, what He is doing, and what He will yet do.

There is a big diffeence when you focus on the sinner and not the Savior.

Pride, self-righteousness, phoniness, and despair are all hallmarks of focusing on the sinner and whipping him/her into shape.

Repentance, love, forgiveness, and freedom are all hallmarks of focusing on the need for a Savior, and focusing on just who that Savior is.



“Yeaaaaaaah  but…..”