“God is like…really cool.”

We just get together, and we laugh and we cry and we talk about spiritual things and what we can do for the earth to make it a better place.post-hippie-church by alyourpal

Sometimes Mike palys the guitar and sings some Christian songs he’s written about how God makes him feel… and stuff like that.

Sometimes we read from the Bible as long as it is something uplifting and positive and that helps us in our life’s journey.

We always want to be supportive and allow everyone during the meeting (service) to speak their minds and tell people what is bothering them and how they are feeling at the time.

We do share communion. Sometimes Alice will bake cookies that we use instead of bread (the children like it better) and sometimes we will have orange juice or even natual goats milk from the Jim and Teresa’s farm.

Our community is so loving and it is so different than the outside world that we believe that God is at work among us to promote His goodness and tolerance for all people.

We never let people feel as though there is just one way to God because we believe that he wants everyone to believe in Him in whatever way they feel is right for them.

Our community is so open and accepting of everyone and so loving that we know that God is doing a great work.

We really have a very cool church.




There’s a blog site that I look at once in awhile that reminds me of the above.

Just blowin’ off steam…that’s all.