How do we stay in Christ?

Once a Christian,  always a Christian?


Why the spiritual battle? 


In addition to the Word of God, there are a great many other words in our world, all vying for our affection. Are these other words sufficiently strong enough and in great enough number to rip us away from the Living God?


What can we do to keep this from happening?  Do we need to do anything at all?











A Friend in Need

UPDATE:  If anyone would like to donate to help Carol get her medicine, I have put a link to the site her son Josh has set up for that purpose (right hand side of this page).

  Some people might not be able to help out at this moment, but if you can revisit that site and give a few dollars when you’re able, it would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you.


One of our friends here at ‘The Old Adam Lives!’ blog is in great need of help.

His wife has had terrible bouts with cancer and the medical bills have been staggering. Insurance pays for most of the treatments and medications but there have been gaps that have to be made up out of pocket. Pockets that have been emptied due to the economic recession.

Our friend isn’t asking for much, and he fully understands that some may not be able to give anything at all.

His son, who has sold his car to pay for some of the medical bills, has written about the situation and set up a way to contribute that our friend’s wife may continue to have the medicine that she needs.

If you feel moved in any way to make any size donation, our friend Ike and his wife Carol and their family would greatly appreciate it.

  click here:  Help-for-Carol

Please remember them in your prayers.

Thank you very much.