Would you allow this in your church?

       (you’ll get the idea after a couple of minutes – if that long)

I have it on good authority (Elephant’s Child) that this wedding was held in an ELCA (Lutheran) church.

It does not suprise me one bit.  There are many culturally consumed ELCA pastors and congregations.  There are also many confessional, faithful, Christ centered ELCA pastors and congregations.

A wedding such as that would never take place in our ELCA church, as long as Pastor Mark is there. There will also never be any dancing poodles and plate spinners and sword swallowers at any funerals at Lutheran Church of the Master, Corona del Mar CA as long as Pastor Mark is there.

“Oh, they are just having fun and expressing themselves”.

“What’s wrong with that?”

Hat Tips to ‘Elephant’s Child’, to Frank Gillespie at ‘Putting out the Fire’ and to Darius at ‘Echoes in Eternity’