Godly…or Human?



Which would God have us be?   

More Godly…or more human?

5 Responses

  1. When asked the question…what does it mean that God is holy, holy, holy….most people will give the same definition as His righteousness. That’s partially true, but if I were to ask who is more like God…an arch angel in heaven or a worm crawing on the ground? What would be our answer? Well…it’s neither. Scripture is very clear that “nobody” is like the Lord. He is not quanitatively larger than man….He is qualitatively different! And it is in this….that we find all of His attributes.
    So…….I guess you know my asnwer.

  2. What are we?
    Made ‘lower than the angels’, but given a particular ‘glory’?

    Moses staggers us when he speaks of our purpose being to express something of the ‘image’ and ‘likeness’ of our Lord amidst creation – an intent marred by our rebellion, but restored through the ‘proper man’ from heaven – the new Adam!

    Come that glorious new day, humanity will truly become all that was encapsulated in that moment when Father, Son and Spirit agreed that we should be made to encapsulate a taste of the life, the joy, of their unity and fellowship. That will make us genuinely human.

  3. More human. Being more human is not original sin but attempting to be as god ourselves, the “fall” upward, the usurping. Yet by being more human rather than trying to be more pious than God and trying to be God and to know God thereby standing over Him, so we think, we are as He created us – creator to creature and that which He called very good (pre fall) made in His image.

    It was Christ, God the Son, Who became human (in every respect minus sin, including having a soul which we forget as human since we tend to think of human as merely the ‘body’), aaalllll the way down from heaven as the Nicene Creed confesses and was made man to redeem all that man was. He redeemed all the stages of human life including conception, baby, child, adult, etc… And if Christ redeemed the human not with gold or silver but his precioius blood, then human redeemed is a precious thing to God and thus desirable and right and good.

    By being redeemed and thus more, not less human, creature to Creator is restored and thus we are godly as He means it and not “godly” as we usurped in the “fall” or rather the “rise of man” being more pious than God as Paul points out in Romans 1.


  4. It’s tough to get comfortable in our own skin, aye? (:

    Really though, this is the bulk of what we face in our total existence. Christ’s work HAS done all that WILL bring about a total humanity (image) in us. By his first doing it in himself, we’ve gotten Word that he’ll do it in all his Body (ecclesia) one day.

    Behold the Image…Incarnate One…and be changed (in totality, eventually).

    Peace –

  5. That’s like the great question at the heart of faith – be more like God or more like us?

    I think the answer is: be more like yourself – which is created in God’s image – and this is giving the glory to God.

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