5 short audio devotionals on Galatians

The following short audio messagaes were delivered by Pastor Patrick Thurmer of Living Faith Church, Cape Coral, Florida.

  Yellow Gospel  delivered 1/12/09 at New Mission Systems International  

I’ll Do It Myself!   delivered 1/13/09 at New Mission Systems International  

Legalism  delivered 1/14/09 at New Mission Systems International  

Decision?  delivered 1/15/09 at New Mission Systems International  

Assurance in Christ   delivered 1/16/09 at New Mission Systems International  

Feel free to leave any comments on the devotionals.
Thank you.



9 Responses

  1. Steve,

    This series of devotional messages were delivered to a very gracious group of Arminian and Calvinist believers by a Lutheran (me). Sorry about the poor audio quality of the first two, but it is best to listen to them in order for context.

    Listening to audio files probably isn’t all that appealing on a blog, but thanks for the post.


  2. Pastor Pat,

    I think you did an excellent job of laying out the law and the gospel in a way that these good folks may never have heard before.

    Sometimes that Word of Truth and Freedom will hit someone who has been struggling to stay on the ladder, so that it knocks them plumb off that thing.

    I pray that the Lord used your words that week in just that way for some who had ears to hear it.

    Thank you!

    – Steve

  3. Awesome Pastor!
    Just listened to all five in a row!.
    Keep ’em coming!

    Brent Gordon

  4. Dad,

    I just re-listened to all 5 again on Monday. It’s “THE” message. It brings tears to my eyes to hear the gospel articulated so clearly! Very exciting for me, and hopefully all who hear it!

  5. What wonderfully GOOD NEWS…my faves were 4 & 5!
    It is good to hear spelled out the perceived differences in the salvation process…The great GOOD NEWS is no matter what the mechanics those of us who have come to faith in Christ came because God chose to send Jesus to make a way through His Blood for our reconciliation, washing away our sin and gifting us with LIFE ETERNAL. Yea!

  6. Thank you for posting these. All of them were good. I feel strange saying that they’re keepers, but I know I’ll come back to them again and again to listen.

  7. Absolutely Great News! Steve… thanks for your website man! I’m wearing it out!!

  8. Thank you, Mitchell!

    Soak it up, my friend…and then pass it along.

    Maybe it’s time for a blog of your own??? 😀

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