Chloe…our new Grandaughter!

Chloe is the star of the show.

Erin (burping Chloe) is the Mama.

Erik (with the beanie) is the proud Papa.

Sue (dark blue top) is happy Grandma #1

Pat (my wife,  in red/orange top) is happy Grandma #2

Tom (smooth headed gent, Sue’s husband) is proud Grandpa #1

28 Responses


  2. Thanks, Howard!

  3. Granbabies…one of God’s GREAT ideas! Congratulations!

  4. Dude!!!

    Way to go Gramps!!!!!!!!!

    I have three so I know what you are feeling right now 🙂

  5. Thanks, Nancy!

    God’s handiwork, indeed!

  6. Sweetness born again! Congratulations!!

  7. Thanks you, MistiPearl!

    She is a little Sweetie!

  8. WayneDawg,

    Thanks Wayne!

    I didn’t think I’d ever have a grandchild.

    It’s old hat for you three-timers!

  9. Congratulations! Too bad Grandpa #2 is nowhere to be seen!

  10. Steve – Congratulations! Now, where is your pic? 🙂

  11. Yeah – where’s the old Adam?

    Beautiful, man! Congratulations!

  12. Josh, Bino, Steve,

    Thanks you guys!

    You don’t want to see this guy.

    I don’t even want to see this guy.

    I’ll see you guys in Heaven!

  13. Congratulations Grandpa Steve. I can’t even fathom that yet since my oldest boy will turn 10 on Monday.
    Thanks be to God for his precious gift to your family. May she be blessed and be a blessing as well.

  14. Thank you, Jeff, very much!

    And a happy birthday to your son!

    Talk about being blessed! Oh the joy of having young ones. I miss that.

    Chloe is near Chicago and we are in So. Cal.

    We won’t be near her enough. But one never knows.

    Thanks again, Jeff.

  15. Mabrook! Ismallah! What a cutie. One of these days I might let my kids grow up enough to make me a grandma. 😉

  16. Congratulations! Really nice photos. Chloe is a lovely name, too.

  17. Thursday’s Child,

    Thank you!

    This little gift is from my wife’s side.(we were both divorced and remarried each other) It may never happen with my two kids.

  18. Arigato, Raggedy Lamb!!

  19. Congrats, Steve! What a lovely little gal!

  20. Thanks very much, Teresa!

    She is a cutie pie!

  21. Congrats, guys!

  22. Thanks, Pastor!

  23. Congratulations Steve, children are a blessing. Our nieces name is Chloe. Good name!


  24. Thank you, Larry!

    Chloe is a good name.

    She will be baptised soon. We are very happy about that!

  25. Congratulations on the most precious Cloe.May she always be surrounded by love.

  26. Thank you, Soheyla!

    – Steve & Pat

  27. Congrats on the grand-daughter!

  28. Thanks, Jason!

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