Invitation: ‘Come and Die’…

…but then live!

That will be our focus this Lenten season in our church. I t is our focus every Lenten season.

We will have a large wooden cross right behind the altar. We will have dead, dried up branches all around the baptismal font. We will focus on the death of Christ and the reason that there was to be no other outcome for Him. You and me. We are the reason for that death. We had a hand in it. We still have a hand in it.

God’s Law will be there in full force. It will be unforgiving and ruthless and relentless.

It will put us to death, yet once more.

But the gospel will be there, also.   Come and die…but then live!

We know that the self actualized, up and coming, independent, success oriented types in the Corona del Mar, Newport Beach area of Southern California are not used to this  type of a message from many of their churches.

But we don’t know of any other message that they need to hear more than this one.

We may not pack ’em in…but the ones that do show up during Lent will not be mollycoddled. Their comfort level will not be catered to. Their old sinner will not be given any wiggle room whatsoever.  And when they die, the living Christ will once again give them Himself, that they might yet live again…in Him… and Him alone.

Is focusing on death a bit too harsh, or do you agree with us that this is the only way to go?