No political Gospels!

There is no real, lasting peace to be found in any man or woman that heads up or speaks for any political party.

There is no getting closer to Heaven on earth depending on which political party w ins.

There is no place in the pulpit for espousing political ideologies.

The pulpit is reserverd for proclaiming God’s Word.

The gospel is far too important for it to share time, or be replaced by temporal quick fixes… which ultimately end in death anyway.

Someone in the pews may never have another chance to hear the gospel.

Have your political party. Express your political ideology. Convince others and work towards what you think is right… just don’t do it, or expect your pastor to do it from the pulpit. The pulpit is reserved for something far more important.

7 Responses

  1. Amen! We had a discussion of that in Foundations of Homiletics, about the importance of proclaiming the Word and what the pulpit’s for. Blessings, Steve.

  2. Ivy,

    Glad to hear that they are teaching you future pastors the right stuff when it comes to the importance of reserving that pulpit for the Word and the Word alone.

    Grace and Peace to you, Ivy!

  3. Shea,


    Enjoying your blog site. I’ll peruse it some more soon.

    – Steve

  4. theoldadam:

    Outstanding. Simply outstanding. Now I do believe that pastors should speak out on social and yes political issues as part of their ministry, as the Old Testament prophets clearly did so. However, it should be for the purposes of furthering the kingdom of heaven, the preacher allowing himself to be God’s instrument in perfecting the saints with his teaching and preaching, not electioneering. I think that it was Ambrose of Milan who stated that the role of the pastor was to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable! Well, if you are electioneering, you take the side of the comfortable over the side of the afflicted.

  5. Job,

    You are so right, Job. To further the Kingdom…speak out! Our pastor does that by indicting us (and himself) with th law…each and every Sunday!
    Then, when we are sufficiently killed off to our own performance towards righteousness sake and the law has done it’s job, the sweet sound of the gospel and the forgiveness of sins for the ungodly raises us back to new life again!

    Afflict the comfortable (thelaw) and comfort the afflicted (the gospel).

    Amen, Job!


    – Steve M.

  6. I heard a wonderful quote from Pastor Cwirla’s latest sermon on line that helps us in this time. Actually it was two quotes I’ll paraphrase, very encouraging to the Christian.

    Speaking to the baptized church, he reminds us that God can use any ole Caesar the world throws at us, bear that in mind no matter who gets elected. And second that it is the old dying City of Man that is now under financial ruin and fear, bankruptcy and generally falling apart…not the City of God, the eternal Kingdom, the baptized’s hope, our Kingdom “…thy Kingdom come…” and “…come Thou quickly Lord Jesus…”. For the Christian, the baptized, our hope should not fall short to “death itself” which is to be with the Lord and great. But to the resurrection of the body and soul and the real new heaven and earth. Just as it happened with Christ the head so it will with us.



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