The question is, “Does Baptism Save?” (and, where does that question come from?)


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Don’t miss out on all the wild antics of Pastor Mark Anderson’s class, and find out what other interesting offshoots come to light from the question, “Does Baptism save?”… such as, “free-will”, ‘idolatry’, ‘blasphemy’, ‘election’, ‘Christian freedom’, ‘predestination’, and one of our all time favorites…’assurance’. 


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Thanks, Pastor Mark.

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The meaninglessness of ‘believer’s baptism’, and the greatness of being Baptized by the Living God.


Yes, believer’s baptism is merely a symbol of the believers commitment, and seriousness to God….for whatever that is worth. Not much, for anyone outside of the Lord Jesus, Himself.

But in a biblical Baptism, where God is doing the Baptizing, then something is REALLY happening. The Living God is actually choosing to make us His own in Baptism, totally apart from any commitment on our part.

Isn’t that great!  ( I know some of you really detest that notion – but that’s ok ) 

Actually it is great, and liberating, and assuring.

Give this one ten minutes (out of the seventeen) and see if there’s maybe a chink in the armor of ‘believer’s baptism’.



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Jesus was born under the law

And we are born under the law, as well.

We know how being born under the law played out in Jesus’ life. But what about us? Did Jesus teach us how to manage the law that we might be able to do what the law demands?

A great many voices in churches think so.



click here to see what Lutherans think about it > Jesus was born under the law…we are born under the law


Sermon for the 1st Sunday after Christmas, Jan.1, 2012


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