What’s Wrong with Christ…”alone”?

Roman Catholics have Christ… plus the pope, and your good efforts Why He Died?_8144 by jaciii (off&on)and your penance.

Many Protestants have Christ… plus your ‘decision’ and your ‘seriousness’ (your fruits), or ‘your experience’.

The Orthodox have Christ…plus your ‘efforts’ to become better.

The Christ  ‘alone ‘ crowd seems to be a pretty small group in comparison to the ‘plus’ groups.

Why is Christ alone, never enough for many of these folks?


Just wondering out loud.



The Anabaptists

Were the Anabaptists victims?

Or were they the perpetrators?Martha Rosler - anabaptist cages by Schoopz

Who’s really to blame for the murder and mayhem and the deaths of close to 100,000 people?

Were the Anabaptists just trying to worship peacefully, in their own way, in the privacy of their own homes? Or were they radicals bent on overthrowing the status quo and imposing their brand of religion onto society?

There are documents supporting both sides, are there not?

Then who can we trust for the more accurate picture of the Anabaptists in 16th century Germany?

If the Anabaptists had won the day, would Christianity have survived?



I appreciate any insights and comments you might have.




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